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Thoughts on AIGC for Non-AI Industries

1. AIGC is a paradigm shift from goal-oriented problem solving to free-form interactive engineering. It is time to expand our imagination to products that can talk and draw with the customers, on top of being able to completing its own tasks with these interactions. Your fridge can help to order groceries when asked, but can also answer generic questions like ChatGPT does. No reason to limit the AI to do what its shell product is designed to do. For manufacturers of these products, it means better customer stickiness. 2. The entire AIGC economy is in its infancy because right now the paying customers are the tech-savvy people who can afford a few tens of bucks in subscription fees every month. To make it really ubiquitous in every product and every place, the AI model serving cost must be reduced by multiples of thousands of times. When that is achieved, products like GitHub copilots might just be free like Bing search. At that time, every product that is capable of accessing the Inter